General Service Overview

MK Fabricators aligns its interests directly with those of its Client and Manufacturing partners to achieve reliability in the supply chain. MK Fabricators Manufacturers are closely screened to ensure resources, quality and capabilities that meet the standards of production over the short and long term strategic plan. MK Fabricators Manufacturers also provide a secure and confidential Client product relationship.

MK Fabricators Client Services provide seamless, turn-key product management from idea concept thru packaged product on the shelf; or any step in between. MK Fabricators reduces manufacturing costs, maintains agreed upon quality, manages all product approval issues and provides dependable inventory supply so Clients can focus on marketing. MK Fabricators seamlessly interacts with its Client's staff by providing customized reports that meet the Client's needs and by augmenting the Client's expertise to provide thorough product management expertise.

MK Fabricators Clients benefit from a unique set of Core Advantages

  • MK Fabricators provides experienced technical staff in all aspects of product management from value-engineering prototypes to finished packaging. MK Fabricators staff works closely with the Client to provide testing, reporting, prototyping, product approvals, manufacturing, packaging and delivery.
  • MK Fabricators brings offshore manufacturing to the Client's office by having personnel in the US and China. MK Fabricators China personnel speak the language and know the culture working to ensure that Client expectations are achieved in every aspect.
  • With every Client order MK Fabricators manages production in accordance with a written manufacturing agreement, coordinates delivery in accordance with written delivery instructions, manages customs and confirms Client receipt of product. Although rare, MK Fabricators solves delivery and product discrepancies with urgency and professionalism.

Every Client requires different help depending on how the product fits their core competencies. MK Fabricators Services cover a wide range of activities to help Clients stay focused on marketing and shorten the product's revenue lead time.