MK Fabricators Q.C.Methodology
  • Establish Q.C. specifications with Client (spec. sheet and check-off list)
  • Review in detail w/ MK Fabricators project manager & inspector; establish inspection schedules, frequency, specific factory Q.C. standards and nuances.
  • MK Fabricators Inspectors interface on site with mfgr daily or weekly or as necessary to observe initial prototype and production. Production inspection depends upon product complexity, tolerance demands, mfg sophistication and Q.C. standard performance.
  • MK Fabricators inspectors inspect all production, at the workstations daily or as needed through entire production process through to and including final packaging to ensure any inconsistencies are caught before packaging.

Product Manufacturing Evaluation

  • Product evaluation- process, conomic and quality advantages of offshore production
  • Detailed specification sheets and forms
  • Price quotes and first articles

Start-up limited production short runs

  • Drawings, specifications and Q.C. requirements
  • Tooling cost evaluations
  • First articles
  • Written manufacturing process and agreement

Full scale production

  • QC & QA management of daily production on every order.

Door to door logistics management, warehousing, fulfillment

  • Provide Client "to do" check list and Government, import/export forms. Assist client in filing and or filing for and on behalf of Client.
  • Manage each order from P.O. through Client receipt of goods