Manufacturer Selection Criteria
MK Fabricators works with and treats our Manufacturers as partners. We align our interests directly with those of our Clients and our Mfgrs to achieve harmony in the supply chain. MK Fabricators provides close collaboration with our mfg partners to insure that they have considered all mfg and quality control demands. Mutual respect and cooperative spirits guide our relationships along with applying the following criteria to ensure a successful venture. Our manufacture selection is based upon the following:
  • Demonstrates spirit, willingness and commitment to growth and streamlining its SOPs.
  • Demonstrates spirit, willingness and commitment to invite MK Fabricators staff to work with its Q.C. staff in implementing Q.C. standards and procedures for our products.
  • Signs Non-disclosure, Non-compete, Non-circumvention, and Supply- agreements.
  • Agrees to follow the MK Fabricators Q.C. procedures and production schedule processes.
  • Must already have a Q.C. department and dedicated manager, indicating their own commitment to managing quality.
  • Follows MK Fabricators' general Q.C. process and product flow guideline that applies to all of our product's production; and per each specific individual Client products. MK Fabricators to create the Q.C. specs and standards in concert with Clients and Mfgr.
  • Establishes and maintains Q.C. standard samples per each work station.
  • Establishes and maintains a Production Schedule Plan and reports for MK Fabricators' inspectors
  • Commits personnel and effort to cleaning up and maintaining the production facility per LEED, ICC and other governing bodies for safety, efficiency and QA.