MK Fabricators provides its Clients with 30 years of proven excellence in all aspects of Product Development & Management. MK Fabricators provides seamless, turn-key Product Management Services to shorten Client’s lead time for product revenue.  MK Fabricators brings offshore manufacturing directly into its Client’s office to increase profit without sacrificing quality or control.
Our Value Proposition:
"Provide our Clients with product development, manufacturing and management services of the highest quality and competitive costs to speed the Client's product time to market".
Product Development
  • Design consulting
  • Value engineering
  • Prototype Manufacturing
  • Testing
  • UL certifications
  • Patent application assistance
  • Manufacturer selection criterion
  • ISO 9000 accreditation
  • Product manufacturing viability evaluation
  • Start-up limited production short runs
  • Full scale production
  • QC & QA management of daily production
  • Door to door logistics management, warehousing, fulfillment