MK Fabricators was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of IJOT PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT INC.founded in 1978, with locations in both San Francisco & Shanghai for the purpose of reducing manufacturing costs for one of the founders. Through this very successful experience MK Fabricators has expanded into assisting other companies to participate in the benefits of offshore production.

MK Fabricators aligns its interests directly with those of its Client and Manufacturer partners to achieve reliability in the supply chain. While MK Fabricators often reduces Client's costs by 50 %, it does not do so by 'beating-down' manufacturers. This only results in strained, inconsistent performance and inferior quality. Rather MK Fabricators provides its manufacturing experience in close collaboration with both the Client and Manufacturer to ensure all options are considered: product design and specifications, Q.C., QA and management controls; staff time and plant floor efficiency; along with any specific Client objectives.

MK Fabricators Manufacturers are closely screened to ensure that resources, quality and capabilities meet the Client's needs over the short and long term strategic plan. MK Fabricators' manufacturing founding partners and its product managers personally interview each new candidate prior to selection and work closely with selected manufacturers on every order. A very important element of the MK Fabricators / Manufacturer relationship is the security and confidentiality of the Client's product information. All MK Fabricators Manufacturer's are willing to sign reasonable Client Confidentiality Agreements to further ensure the relationship. (See MK Fabricators Manufacturer qualification criteria).

MK Fabricators Clients are leaders, or have significant potential for leadership and growth, in their market niche. MK Fabricators will reduce manufacturing cost, maintain agreed upon quality. With MK Fabricators' 30 years of experience in manufacturing a variety of products in different countries, and also having built four leading Brand Name product groups, nationally, MK Fabricators understands that manufacturing is the easy part, product marketing is key. Leadership companies are known by their marketing and only supported by manufacturing.

MK Fabricators Client services provide turn-key product management from idea conception thru packaged product on the shelf; or any step in between. Every Client needs different help depending on how the product fits their core competencies. MK Fabricators Services cover a wide range of activities to help Clients stay focused on marketing and therefore shorten a product's revenue lead time.(See MK Fabricators Services.)